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Top Ten Movies Whose Reception Was Different in the USA Than Germany

With most movies, the world has a common critical reception. Although individual opinions may differ, by and large we agree what films are absolute masterpieces, what movies are controversial and polarizing, and what are failures, there still are a few movies who were seen widely different in the USA and Germany. Some of these are due to a different taste in entertainment: there's a very different sense of humor - I'd say Germans like subtle humor less than slapstick, while in the US it's the other way around - and what kind of action and thrill we like. But it gets most different when it comes to war movies and religious movies. German movie fans hate when the movies take stand for one side or when religion isn't questioned, American critics are more emotionally driven when reviewing such movies and rather judge how moving and touching the pictures are. Another thing is that the German critics' consensus don't always resembles that of German movie fans and cinephiles, American critics are often more similar to the public's opinion.

from Classifieds https://www.thetoptens.com/movies-whose-reception-was-different-usa-than-germany/

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