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In the Stanley Cup Finals, Alex Ovechkin’s Legacy Continues to Evolve

LAS VEGAS — The four other Washington Capitals starters had assembled along the blue line Monday night for the singing of the national anthem, but Alex Ovechkin just kept skating in circles, one after another after another.
There’s an impulse to assign meaning to the mundane, to extract a deeper significance from an act as ordinary as sitting alone gazing onto the ice before practice, as Ovechkin did Sunday, when he must have been pondering the magnitude of the moment, four victories from his first championship — unless, of course, he wasn’t.
“No,” Ovechkin said. “I just do it all the time.”
But before the 117th playoff game of his career, his first in the Stanley Cup finals, after waiting almost 13 years for this day, Ovechkin had to be feeling something — anxiety, adrenaline, tension — and he was.
He addressed the roiling emotions within the context of what he hopes will be and not in terms of what happened Monday night amid the showgirls and Elvis impersonators at T-Mobile Arena: a 6-4 defeat to that improbable juggernaut known as the Vegas Golden Knights in which Ovechkin was credited with an assist, a few hits and not much else.

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