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Top 10 Extreme Metal Songs with the Most Melodic Guitar Lines (Excluding Melodic Death Metal)

I excluded melodic death metal because it's melodic by default as its name suggests. From my experience, the extreme metal songs with the most melodic guitar lines come from these subgenres: progressive death metal, black metal, and technical death metal. Usually these melodic guitar parts aren't rhythm-oriented headbanging riffs, they are just melodies (but not solos). The question of this list is: can brutality and melody co-exist in a song, and sound good? According to this list, the answer is 'Yes'. Oh, and by "melodic" I mean "metal melodic" and not imported poppy and cheesy melodies from pop(ular) genres that aren't metal.

from Classifieds https://www.thetoptens.com/extreme-metal-songs-with-melodic-guitar-lines-excluding-melodic-death-metal/

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