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Top 10 Non-Musical Disney Animated Movies

One of the things that Disney movies are most well-known for is the songs that come from each movie. However, just because a movie is from Disney doesn't mean they have to have any songs. Therefore, if you are searching for a Disney movie, but don't like it when characters sing, or at least randomly burst into song, here are a few recommendations. Also, I will be counting entries that have songs, but not a bunch of them. Big Hero 6 and Meet the Robinsons will count since they contain songs, but not enough to be considered musicals. Lilo and Stitch and Bambi can be included since they have a number of songs, but they are presented in montages while they have enough songs to be considered a musical, I won't consider it one. The Great Mouse Detective won't be included either. Great Mouse Detective has songs, including one sung by Ratigan and some er, prostitute lady... However, the entry has to be fully animated, so Who Framed Roger Rabbit won't count. Lastly, the movie has to be purely Disney, so no Pixar movies, no matter how much you want to put them on. Let's be clear: almost all Pixar movies have no actual songs, other than Coco. If you want, point out if I added an entry that is a musical since I'm not a Disney super fan even if I love Disney.

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