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Top Ten Animated Characters You Don't Want Your Blind Date to Be

Quite some time ago, I made a list about people who you don't want your blind date to be, which was one of my more well known lists, and may I say so myself, one of my funnier ones. However, next to general descriptions ("a witch", "a sexual abuser",...) and fictional characters, several real life people were added that were hated solely for their work of art, and I think this is a bit unfair and wasn't my intention (it's okay if they have a bad personality or have done terrible things, though). So let's make it a bit more specific. This list is only about animated characters you don't want your blind date to be. And we all know how terrible they can be sometimes.

from Classifieds https://www.thetoptens.com/animated-characters-you-dont-want-your-blind-date-be/

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