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Top Ten Most Touching The Golden Girls Moments

It is a truth universally acknowledged that “The Golden Girls” is one of the great shows the history of television has to offer. Okay, I am not an expert, always having been more of a movie than a TV show kind and not being all too familiar with the new found quality apparently found in modern series, but there is no doubt that the stories revolving around Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose are among the most entertaining things I have seen. Whenever bizarre tales of St. Olaf or Sicily are told while a cheesecake is eaten late at night, you know your time is well spent. Since I bought the complete collection some years ago, I kept on binge watching the series again and again, and let me tell you, it never wears off. However, the series is not just funny, it is also very well written in its storytelling. The chemistry between the characters and the side stories, such as the complicated relationship between Dorothy and her ex-husband Stan, are handled with great care. At times, the show also touches on serious social issues other series of this era didn't care for. Euthanasia, homosexuality, HIV, artificial insemination, interracial marriage, migration, age differences in relationships and homelessness are just some of the many topics addressed. Some of them are handled with humor, but the series knows when the tone has to be darker. It also has many moments that are emotionally intense, and even sad. Sometimes these intertwine with the social issues, sometimes they are used to add depth to a character's back story. This list is to honor the scenes that touched us the most. A "moment" can range from a one minute sequence to the content of a full episode. This list contains heavy SPOILERS from individual episodes.

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