HARYANA Ram Rahim, Sufficient Security Followers in India.

HARYANA News Today Headlines on Security followers of Ram Rahim.

HARYANA Ram Rahim convicted in Rape case on 21st Monday, August 2017. The followers of Ram Rahim had been refusing to headquarters at Sirsa. The army security police that had placed a good security ring round that field. The several of them had been followers out over the last 2 days. The news headlines of the senior officer of the Haryana police spared security cowling has been given at Ram Rahim is sentenced tomorrow.

TODAY Security of personnel has been given react sufficient consistent with the necessity of matters. Today followers don't seem to be being allowed to enter the districts of India. The Punjab and Haryana supreme court ordered yesterday.

HARYANA News Today Headlines on Security followers of Ram Rahim

The Security forces recovered material to form hydrocarbon bombs In searches at over one hundred thirty Dera campuses in Haryana and Punjab. After a Panchkula court found followers of Ram Rahim of Raping Women's on a weekday, The violence that individuals five hundred individuals were in remission in Haryana.

This morning Today a media van was attacked by suspected followers of Ram Rahim, The Breaking news Today in Indian Ram Rahim's followers had congregated in Panchkula sooner than the court's weekday finding.The supreme court in an exceedingly severe Rape woman Haryana government.

HARYANA News Today Headlines on Security followers of Ram Rahim

Indian Political BJP minister on radio address Mann ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi this Violence within the name of religions of followers won't be tolerated, whether or not it's religion supported Security, political ideology of BJP,  He secures that action is taken against anyone in INDIA took the law into their own hands.

The Security forces wished to require the Haryana police captain said. The violence once Ram Rahim's conviction TODAY, The numerous properties of appropriated to acquire the large Security Followers caused by material on the state police.

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