Administration Inquiry, Puri Jagannath Mahaprasad Recipe.

Administrative Investigation Puri Jagannath Maha-prasad.

Investigation Inquiry: Odisha Inquiry of Puri Jagannath maha-prasad recipe to examine the kitchen. The State Government had earlier Administrative investigation formed to the Commission of Inquiry to recommend reforms in the temple of Odisha.

Puri Jagannath maha prasad storage facilities for cooking water and submit reports to the Commission within one month. The servitors are Fakir Mohan Mahasuara, Biswanath Samantaray, Chandra Sekhar Mangaraj, Deula Karana Gopinath Suara and Radhanath Mahapatra. Justice Bimal Das said these five Suara servitors are allowed to go inside the kitchen of Lord Jagannath.

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