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Blue Whale Challenge Android Play-store Games self-harm body watching scary videos. As the Play-store Games progresses by participants reach the final 50days. The Blue Whale Challenge Android Play-store game reportedly started in Russia in 2013 with F57!, one of the names of the Social death group of VKontakte. Philipp Budeikin is the Creator psychology student who was expelled Blue Whale Challenge from the invented the game. He was arrested on charges of inciting. The term Blue Whale Challenge Games comes from the whale linked to suicide.

India Cases 

Android Other Games like Blue Whale Challenge of the first case of alleged Blue Whale suicide in India was reported on July 30th 2014., School boy jumped to death from the seventh-floor building in Mumbai. A 10th student in Kolkota Suisite challenge found in the bathroom and covered in a plastic bag and with a cord around his neck.

Legal Action

India's Ministry of physical science internet platforms like Google, Facebook, Play-store, WhatsApp, Instagram and Yahoo to get rid of the links to the new Play-store games. This follows a petition from the Ministry of girls and kids Development, tight a ban on the sports news Today

The Russian parliament bill on might 26, introducing criminal responsibility for making pro-suicide teams on social media or Android Games. President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has signed a law imposing criminal penalties for causing minors to suicide. The law imposes a most penalization of six years in jail.

Other Reported Cases: USA

The body of a 15-year-Girl was found in the metropolis, Texas, on July 8th. An Android phone had broadcast the teen girl suicide. A 16-year-old girl from Atlanta killed herself attributable to the challenge. 32-year-old Natasha fell victim to the sulfur bottom Challenge when mutilating Blue Whale Challenge herself.


The 15-year-old student was forced back once she was on the parapet of the Buarque DE Macedo Bridge, making ready to leap from it. With many cuts on her arms, together with one within the form of a whale, she was allegedly trying to finish the last part of the challenge. A 17-year-old boy from São Paulo wrote on Facebook a culpa é prosecuting attorney bales blame it on the whale minutes before associate degree attempt to leap a bridge, wherever he was saved by firefighters. 


On June 27, A 16-year-old died in Entre Ríos. He was reportedly hospitalized once trying to finish the ultimate suicide challenge. In San Juan, a 14-year-old boy was reportedly admitted to medical care once collaborating within the challenge. 


The challenge was mentioned within the national newspapers in March. it had been represented as a true Russian game with 50 strict rules and powerful tutors. a couple of days later, the suicide of a young adult in Panama was coupled to the challenge. Italian web site Polizia Postale defines whalebone whale as a apply that appears to presumably come back from Russia and offers the recommendation to folks and teenagers. 


In March 2017, authorities were investigating multiple cases of suicide associated with the development. In Gregorian calendar month, 2 15-year-olds jumped off a building in the geographical region once finishing fifty tasks sent to them. Before they killed themselves, they left messages on their social network pages by publication the exposure of an outsized whalebone whale captioned. In Ningbo, Zhejiang, a suicide cluster was supported by a 10-year recent woman World Health Organization denote many photos of her self-mutilation associated with the whalebone whale. Since then authorities began to observe mentions of the sport on forums and live broadcasts. 


An 18-year-old woman was found with mutilations on her body once she threw herself from associate degree bridge to the railway line. She admitted that she was been actuated to try to thus by someone on the net named as Android Blue Whale. a minimum of ninety victims of the challenge area unit known in the European nation. 

Other Insane Android Games: The Ghost Pepper Challenge 

These peppers conjointly referred to as bhut jolokia, area unit the most well liked within the world. Teens stick the pepper in their mouths and record their reactions. This ends up in torturing pain within the mouth, however, some folks conjointly aggravate reactions. It will cause nausea, gagging and a visit to the hospital. 

This challenge needs teens to swallow a containerful or a lot of cinnamon while not drinking any water. The challenge will cause metastasis and throat problems or cause folded lungs and choke. There are according to deaths from this challenge.

This challenge gained quality among teenagers World Health Organization began choking themselves to urge a high. The players believe that isolating chemical element to the brain may result in temporary "euphoria". They hope to prevent simply in time. the sport is calculable to own claimed 250 to one,000 lives each year within the America. The game involves running salt on the body, followed by in real time inserting change it. The action causes a burning sensation. the concept is in-tuned the pain for the longest time. The ice, water and salt mixture is doubtless fatal and might cause second- and third-degree burns, almost like cryopathy. 

In this challenge, an adolescent “surfs” on the roof, bumper or hood of an automotive. It involves riding a couch, skateboard, sled or the other object hitched or tied to a moving vehicle. Deaths were caused by head trauma in most cases.

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