Odisha News Today of Government's Official Corruption in Odisha.

Surya Narayan Patro, Actions of Official Corruption in Odisha.

Bhubaneswar News: The Odisha government's Departments official Cooperation has introduced, The new department because of alleged misuse of position by some senior level officers. The department has united on the lapses in oversight, monitoring, and review of cooperative societies and nondetection of economic irregularities.

The Cooperation in Odisha department has some senior officers behind the alleged corruption. The Registrar of Cooperative Societies has written a letter to secretaries of all Central Cooperative Banks, Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies and Circle Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies during this regard.

The irregularities square measure going unseen for years along because of lack of observation and oversight of cooperative establishments, scan the letter. wherever dishonorable activities square measure detected prompt action isn't being earmarked upon. The cooperative societies are not being fetched from the perpetrators because of that there's deterioration of the monetary assets of the societies.

The irregularities square measure increasing day by day as they don’t take care of these items. Odisha news from them are command accountable for their actions, it's happened because of their negligence. thus this letter has been written aforesaid Odisha Cooperation Minister Narayan Patro.

The annual money and stock verification/annual review-Audit of the cooperative societies are command per schedule in presence of the officers. If any monetary irregularity is detected prompt disciplinary action is taken and therefore can bear the loss Before days.

ODISHA NEWS action to be taken against official or management committee to convey a powerful message against corruption and for the convenience of farmers. Odisha stock verification-investigation the monetary irregularities in numerous cooperative societies since years 2017 and it's taken action against few perpetrators. 

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