Lulu Sena Headlines Today BJP Leder Upasna Mohapatra In Odisha.

Lulu Mohapatra Congress Leader Corporate BJP Leader UPASANA MOHAPATRA.  

While PM Modi felicitated Warriors of Rebellion in Odisha at dominion Bhavan yesterday, the sole ikon visual that created the headlines in native media likewise across the nation, was currently Congress leader smasher Mohapatra’s female offspring Upasna Mohapatra. these days live connexion News of smasher Sena cluster headlines of smasher Mohapatra's female offspring Upasna Mohapatra.

Soon once the event, Upasna Mohapatra denote the pic on Facebook with the caption, many thanks for creating it attainable Dharmendra Mamu invariably grateful to you. The message was geared toward Dharmendra Pradhan, BJPs potential CM face in Odisha. Upasana Mohapatra with blessings from PM Modi hit the headlines. it absolutely was a careful and clever plant to market her as a future youth icon inside the BJP. smasher Mohapatra Congress leader BJP desires supporters to benefit from his quality. The grassroot Congress Leader or smasher Sena members in Odisha, they're able to do something for his or her smasher Bhai’s female offspring and that they would extend full support to her albeit she joins BJP at a later stage.

Although Upasna has not however opened her cards and terms the news as a rumor BJP Leader doesn't wish to let this chance go. The party urgently desires a powerful face in Coastal Odisha, and it's going to wish to utilize Upasna’s service to succeed in intent on the plenty. it'd be fascinating to check once BJP Upasna takes the ultimate Later.

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