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Top 10 Enclaves and Exclaves

An enclave is an entire country or part of a country completely surrounded by the territory of another country. The only way to access the territory of an enclave is by crossing the territory of the surrounding country because the enclave has no land connection to the rest of the main country territory. An exclave is "a piece of land which is politically attached to a larger piece but not physically coterminous (having the same borders) with it because of surrounding foreign territory." - wiki Many entities are both enclaves and exclaves. But there are enclaves that are not exclaves and exclaves that are not enclaves. Examples: Three sovereign countries are enclaves but not exclaves: Lesotho, San Marino and Vatican City. Exclaves which are not enclaves: Nakhichivan Autonomous Republic, and some smaller entities.

from Classifieds https://www.thetoptens.com/enclaves-exclaves/

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