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Top Ten Hit Songs of the 2010s by Austrian Artists

The 2010s have brought several songs by Austrian artists to national fame. Some of them even had an impact on other European countries, most notably other German language territories. However, a majority was most successful in Austria. It is not possible to define what's a hit song. Sometimes, songs that receive massive airplay, have millions of views on YouTube and are known by everyone aren't even as high on the charts, probably because the albums they are on sell better than the single, or because people hear it everywhere anyway. Nevertheless, I decided to include songs that were in the top ten of at least one country on my initial version of the list. You can feel free to interpret that differently and add songs that you feel are hits for other reasons. The songs should be ranked by your personal opinion on the song, not its relevance or commercial success.

from Classifieds https://www.thetoptens.com/hit-songs-2010s-by-austrian-artists/

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